We recommend to anyone looking for a paranormal team to investigate, that you do your homework.The same with any home service make sure to check out the group that you invite into your home.Here are some questions you should ask or consider when contacting a paranormal team: 1) What is the membership process for the team? 2) Do they interview or just accept members who apply or email? 3) Does the team perform background checks on its members and keep those records up to date? 4) Was there any formal client profile building prior the investigation, or did the team ask a couple of questions and then show up to investigate?Does this team pursue every old location and cemetery around and do they frequently beg property owners to allow an investigation? 5) Does the team guarantee their results or abilities to capture paranormal activity? 6) Does the team offer services to communicate with the ghosts/spirits or advise you that they can coach the spirits to leave with a ritual (spirit rescue / medium site assessment)? 7) Do the service offered sound unrealistic or too good to be true?Are the investigators only trying to satisfy their own curiosities or interests? 8) Does the team charge for its services? 9) Does the team have an affiliation or referral from other reputable teams or a recognized authority in the field? 10) Does the team require the property owner to be present and require signed consent from the property owner before conducting any investigation services? These questions are a good place to start in finding the right paranormal team to investigate your property.These are also not the only considerations, if the information you get from the team doesn’t sound right, it probably isn't.

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