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If you are a paranormal team or paranormal resource and want to showcase your team or business, you can also check out our paid advertising subscription plans. We offer features unlike any other directory service including the ability to embed videos and files to our listings, allow clients to provide feedback and ratings on your team or service, and we also offer featured and popular listing badges to bring attention to your team!

1) Our Interactive Directory.  Teams / Resources that are listed in our directory are required to meet a set standard minimum requirements before their listings are published.  All other free paranormal directory services on the internet allow for anyone to list their team or resource without a credibility check.  We've found that most listings on other popular paranormal directories are inaccurate or the paranormal team is disbanded within 6 months of listing themselves.  Our directory is current, accurate, and provides access to reputable teams and resources.

2) Feedback is critical to any service or organization.  Our directory service provides clients an opportunity to rate and provide feedback about their interaction with a paranormal team.  We also allow team founders to reply to feedback and provide a full picture about their interactions. 
   a. For the community, this allows you to see the rating and reputation that a team has before coming to your home or business. 
   b. For teams, this is a huge opportunity to encourage clients to provide testimonials and showcase their appreciation for the help they received. 
   c. All feedback requires administrative approval, we do not condone or allow slander or negativity about any individuals or teams.  We also do not allow any anonymous posting, rating or feedback.
   d. Our Complaint Review Team will help analyze and provide response (governance) on any complaints or negative feedback that is received.

3) Resources such as Ghost Tours, Paranormal Events, Agents, Radio Shows, Conventions and Retailers can showcase their services or products as well as provide area for customers to provide feedback and ratings about their interaction.  We also provided services for Events, Conventions and more to be added to our community events calendar.  We can also host and serve as an event registration and booking service upon request.

4) We provide a free basic directory service for everyone.  We also have an interactive Haunted Locations directory which provides historical information, paranormal claims, contact information and lets you know if the location is open to investigations or closed to the public.  We also showcase if locations are UFO hotspots, areas where cryptid sightings occur and more.

5) Our Community section is a social media space that allows for collaboration, questions and sharing of ideas or assistance for any paranormal related item.  The Community features a Newsfeed, Groups, Picture Sharing, Video Sharing, Private Messaging, and integration with our directory and forum.

6) Our Forum is a great place to find collaborative articles and postings about paranormal related topics.  We encourage everyone to share their experience, research, information and collaborate on all paranormal related topics.  Since our Forum and Community sections are integrated, your posts and comments are shared through both areas allowing for easy collaboration on ideas and topics.

7) Our website offers other features and services such as an Events Calendar, Paranormal Glossary, Blog and more.   We are always expanding our services and providing new features and collaboration tools.

We encourage you to register a FREE account and take advantage of utilizing our FREE basic listing service. 

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